Memory and VDB
I have noticed something, atleast happening on my machine, when I simulate anything in VDB, it caches everything loads in memory, but if I refresh simulation or press clear cache in tyflow cache rollout, the memory is not cleared but the simulation is gone. Now again i simulated, it adds to the existing memory......It doesnot get cleared even after I reset 3dsmax......It only get cleared when I exit 3dsmax...

Please look into that....

Thank you
Nayan Bodawala
Could you post an example file?
Hey there, here's a link to the video explaining my issue...

and the simulation was done with latest tyflow...

when I first start simulating, you will notice how memory is increased from 2GB to 4GB, which is technically cache stored in memory, but when I clear the cache in tyflow and refresh the simulation, the memory is still 4GB and then when again I start simulating, it is adding cache on that 4GB.....and that 4GB doesnt get cleared even after I reset max......well 4GB is less, but my recent work stored 31GB and was unable to clear it.

I think there should be something like purge memory or something

Thank you for the support
Nayan Bodawala
Hi Nayan, could you post the scene as well? Just so I have your exact settings.
(05-11-2021, 02:31 AM)tyFlow Wrote: Hi Nayan, could you post the scene as well? Just so I have your exact settings.

here's the file

its in Max 2022

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.max   VDBTest4MemoryGarbage.max (Size: 768 KB / Downloads: 21)
Hi Did you check the it related to my machine or OS.....
Thanks for the file Nayan, it's a memory leak and will be fixed in the next build.

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