Editor Auto Layout All
Hi, Tyson.

When I copy some event and paste it to another flow, the position of pasted event is unpredictable. I think it's somehow related to editor zoom. If I do Reset Pan/Zoom and paste, then position is fine (near the cursor). But if I zoom out a bit and paste, then event could be far far away. I can record a video if you want.

Anyway, maybe this is my local bug, but Layout All feature could be a nice addition. Like in Slate editor, default hotkey [L]. Or at least reset events position closer to grid view center.
Sounds like a bug...I'll look into it Smile
So I tried to reproduce the issue but was enable to...no matter my pan/zoom in either flow, the paste result is under the cursor. Could you record a video? Perhaps I'm missing a step that might not be obvious.

This bug is pretty strange indeed. Sometimes I copy one node, and tyflow pastes another Smile

Interesting that when I make the Editor fullscreen then it seems the bug disappears. My display is 3440x1440 btw.
It could be related to my input devices. I have plenty: mouses, a couple of keyboards, wacom, and every goddamn device needs it's own software.

And I think "Zoom To Fit" is a better alternative and could be usable even for people witout any issues. Hotkey [z] would be perfect if possible.

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