open a cube
Is it posible to do an animation like in this attached gif completely in tyflow?

Right now I'm already struggelling with open the Cube precisely.

thanks for your tips
Sure, but you'd probably want to use the Script operator for this. The main challenge is having the sub-cubes expand uniformly. Well, it's not that much of a challenge, but there's not really a default operator that can do it.

Basically, generate the cubes however you want (perhaps with Brick Fracture, with uniform brick dimensions and no offsetting?), then find the center point of all the particles and generate a vector between each individual particle and the center (direction = (particle - center)). From there, just move the particles along that vector by some value (target position = current position + direction * amount). Don't normalize the direction vector because we want further particles to move further away and closer particle to move less, in order to keep their spacing equal overall.

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