tyFlow v0.16128 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16128 is up!



* added rotation align settings to Array operator
* added "delete keys outside of time range" option to tyFlow spinner right-click menu
* added export groups option to operator filters
* added new Bounds Fracture operator options, giving more control over which bounding box axis is sliced
* added tfMatrix rotation functions to Script operator
* added interpolation curve control to tyLooper modifier
* added seed by time option to Rotation operator


* fixed an issue where VRay proxy data (loaded from an .abc file) containing multiple mesh sub-elements would not have proper sub-mesh transform offsets
* fixed an issue with certain operators where timing modes wouldn't work correctly if sim time step set to value not evenly divisible by frame tick count
* Birth Objects operator now respects internal scale multiplier of input VRayProxy objects
* Birth operator particle count over time made independent of simulation time scale
* tidied up the Voronoi Fracture operator rollouts
* fixed a regression where tySwitcher settings in the Export Particles operator stopped working correctly
* fixed a Birth Skeleton crash that could occur when "cull tiny junctions" is enabled
Hang tight, this build was taken offline due to discovery of critical bug. Will be up again shortly...
Okay, v0.16128 is back online with the fix.
Thanks for your hard work
it's cool

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