keyframe animation and after that simulation?

can we make animated object with keyframes and after last keyframe to simulate this object with inherit movement from kayframes?

Thank you.
Physxswitch set to "kinematic" and then trigger new event (time test etc) where you set physx switch to dynamic wake
Yes, I know about switch. But what I have to use for object creation? I cant use Birth Shape because it doesnt move with original object, it just create object. What is standard procedure for this please? Thank you.

Position Icon or Position Object even with inherit motion doesnt work. So I cant make PhysX object (not collision one) to move on keyframed animation. Sad

Please can anyone help, if this is even possible? Am I missing something? Thank you.
It always helps if you explain what exactly you want to do. There is an example on the facebook tyFlow group, were an animated character that something you want to recreate?
No, I just wanna do a quick test, nothing more. I want to move object and then simulate it with all previous motion in it.

In every scene I saw where some physX object is animated its done by birth icon and with speed operator for example. But I want my animation before simulation, not simulated animation from beginning. I hope its more clear now. Do you know how to do that?

Thank you a lot.

So my object is keyframed and some event - time or colission - will start the simulation of this object. I tried almost everything and cant figure this out. Collision object can be kayframed, but I cant find out how to do this with physX one.
anyone please?
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(04-10-2019, 07:29 AM)Tim007 Wrote: anyone please?

Hello, i wish i knew the answer but if u have one please share with me this is very interesting topic for me
I guess the answer on this (old) question would be to use birth object and object bind (with verlet on), and at specific frame, with time test, send it to new event with PhysX switch on activate.

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