tyFlow v0.16130 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16130 is up!



* added basic PhysX sweep/overlap/update functions to the Script operator
* tyCache file info panel now displays load timer profiler data
* added "prefer verlet velocities" option to tyCache particle interface settings (see docs for more info)
* added checkbox to enable/disable tyCache particle ID sorting and tracking (see docs for more info)
* drastically improved tyCache import/export performance (cache loader is backwards compatible, but new speed improvements only apply to caches imported/exported with this version or newer)
* added option to remove explicit normals in tySmooth modifier
* tyPreview and Export operator progress now displayed in Max taskbar icon
* tyCache mesh overrides can now take tyCollections as input


* fixed a regression where the tySelect modifier could crash when applied to editable poly objects
* fixed an issue where particles at the scene origin (0,0,0) wouldn't be affected by turbulence forces
* fixed an issue where timer recursion was preventing proper tyProfiler printouts when using a Collision operator
* fixed an issue where tyConform working on splines would sometimes not update its internal cache, resulting in splines not conforming to geometry properly
* fixed an issue where tySelect soft selection curve data was not interpolated well enough, resulting in stepping artifacts in displaced geometry
* significantly improved performance of Birth Flow operator, when importing lots of unique meshes (10x speedup on 25k unqiue fracture meshes imported from another flow)
* fixed an issue where Property Test position delta magnitude test was not returning expected results for new particles
* added Custom Vector Distance test to Property Test, for measuring the distance between a particle's position and a custom vector
* Resample operator now sets new particle parent to the particle with the target, when doing target resampling
* fixed an issue where too many overrides in a tyCache mesh override listbox would not trigger vertical scrollbars to appear
* fixed an issue where the tySlice modifier was not working correctly in object mode, for input geometry with non-uniform scale

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