tyFlow v0.16135 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16135 is up!



* added new customFloat/nth-ID culling options to tyCache objects
* added option in Resample operator to interpolate velocity of particles (previously this behavior was on by default, now it's optional and off by default)
* added event filter options to Particle Bind and PhysX Bind proximity bind options
* added flip ordering option to Resample operator


* fixed a bug that could cause 3ds Max to crash during startup
* fixed a regression where spline paths were not inheriting particle velocity information
* re-organized Script operator rollouts
* fixed an issue where the Resample operator in parent/child mode was sorting particle pairs in a way that was causing some groups of resampled particles to be flipped in their orientation between parent/child
* fixed an issue where tyActor input meshes with non-skin deformations would not respect pivot changes to input geometry
Is there any way to get this build of tyflow?
Yes, past BETA builds can still be downloaded. Please see:

I know im asking too much , but is it possible to get this latest beta build to run on 3ds max 2023?
No, unfortunately the BETA builds will not be available past Max 2022.

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