tyFlow v1.00002
tyFlow v1.00002 is out!



* new tyFlow RENDER build available on download page, for network rendering with full multithreading support without requiring a tyFlow PRO license (see docs.tyflow.com/license/render for more info)
* tyCache objects can now load PRT files (see docs for information about which channels are supported)
* added spline align mode to Rotation operator
* tyWeld modifier can now weld splines
* tyMesher can now render blobmesh particles with proper deformation motion blur
* added proxy server setup button to tyFlow license rollout, for connecting to activation server through a proxy
* added tooltips to editor operator category icons (the small icons above the editor operator list)
* recursive subdivide mode of the tySlice modifier is now relative to gizmo orientation
* added Clamp function to Script operator Mathf class
* added option in tyCache mesh overrides to treat multiple meshes for a single override (imported from a group head or tyCollection) as a single mesh
* tyCaches can now load cache files that are missing mesh information, allowing you to set override meshes on mesh-less particle sequences
* operators with 'full interpolation on entry' option now have a dropdown more more options in place of the original checkbox
* added tySelect edge length selection mode
* added new rate options to Birth Fluid operator
* added "Add selected" option to single-node pickbuttons throughout tyFlow UI
* Birth Splines operator can now use splines that have mesher modifiers on top (previously it could only use splines that were still collapsible as splines)
* added variation parameter to tyCache particle scale multiplier
* rate of change value in tyRateOfChangeController is now animatable
* added additional accuracy parameter to Set Target operator when in proximity made and "consider particle shapes" is enabled
* added ability to select reference node list index by custom float in Export Particles operator (object export mode)
* added proximity influence settings to tyWind helper
* added filters rollout to Element Fracture operator


* fixed an issue where tySelect additive baking mode would recalculate in some situations, even with auto-recalculate turned off
* mitigated an issue where some machines could crash during startup and never be able to startup when tyFlow PRO (or the last 3 beta versions) are installed (the beta versions will not be updated with this fix, so if you cannot start Max with tyFlow beta installed, try using v0.16132 or older...luckily this issue is very rare and shouldn't affect the vast majority of users)
* fixed an issue where tyCache mesh overrides referencing a tyCollection were using the tyCollection helper itself as one of the potential overrides, leaving some particles with an empty mesh
* fixed an issue where instanced particles that were birthing or dying on a particular frame were not receiving the proper amount of motion blur in VRay
* fixed an issue where tyCache particles weren't being interpolated properly on subframes leading up to their birth/death, resulting in incorrect motion blur
* fixed an issue where the presence of virtual network adapters on a machine could prevent tyFlow PRO license file verification
* fixed an issue where collider meshes included in the CCCS solve would lag behind by a frame if Collision operator timing set to "after secondary solvers"
* fixed an issue affecting the last few builds, where Max could crash while exporting large numbers of animated actors

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