tyFlow v1.00003
tyFlow v1.00003 is up!



* tyFlow floating license options now available
* tyFlow License Server now bundled with plugins, for use with floating licenses
* added position transfer mode to tyConform modifier
* added UVWs channel settings to tyConform modifier
* added rotation delta test to Property Test operator, for testing particle rotation changes between frames
* added split group (cluster) settings to Split operator
* added more sorting options to Split operator
* added keyframes rollout to Spawn operator
* split 'print simulation info' setting of tyFlow objects into second option: 'print cache info', which is off by default and now used to control whether cache info will be printed to listener (keeping this disabled can speed up certain calculations)
* Spawn operator now added to event output node operator dropdown
* added option to tyPreview to disable display of particle data during previews (data displayed with Display Data operator, binds, etc)
* added "randomize all display colors" option to operator right click menu
* added rendertime-only option to tyMesher voxel filtering


* fixed an issue where attempting to enter a valid tyFlow PRO license key could fail if a pre-existing license config file was not found
* fixed an issue where tyMeshers weren't interpolating tyCache particle velocities properly in some situations
* fixed some issues related to license authentication
* removed "new particles before" and "new particles after" modes of Split operator (use timing rollout instead)
* Split operator 'birth ID' mode will now sort particles by birth ID before processing for more predictable results in cases where event particles are not already ordered
* fixed an issue where flows containing and Actor operator could not be static
* new tySplines objects will now always have max's built-in spline meshing disabled by default
* tyMesher blobmesh filter setting is now animatable
* tyCarve parameters are now animatable
* fixed an issue where tyFlex modifier starting frame would default to a gigantic value in some cases
* fixed a crash that could occur when duplicating a flow containg a Spline Paths operator
* fixed an issue where Max would crash after reloading a file in which a tySplines object had been converted to an editable spline object while still being referenced by a flow
* fixed an issue where adding a Collision operator to a flow in manual reset mode could cause a crash
* fixed an issue where tyActor bind setups were not carrying over bind stiffness/damping values modified by PhysX Modify operators
* fixed an issue where the Select operator test action settings were missing
* fixed an issue where tyFlow editor sometimes wouldn't close between scene loads, allowing an editor from one scene to exist in another scene
* fixed an issue where actor rig particle velocities would be set incorrectly on the frame of their birth
* fixed a rare crash that could occur when extruding a lot of overlapping splines with the tySplineMesher modifier
* fixed an issue where the Flow Update operator was not properly bringing in custom property values from tyCache objects

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