tyFlow v1.006
tyFlow v1.006 is up!



* added support for VRay 6
* added option to enable sub-frame memory caching for improving tyFlow retimer accuracy when subframe timestep enabled (experimental)
* added tyRetimeController for retiming the transforms of other objects (see docs for more info)
* added material ID filtering to Birth Intersections operator
* added falloff parameter to tyParticleSkin modifier, for smoother skinning
* added new noise UI to Displace operator and Cluster operator
* added max slice and bounds radius threshold parameters to Bounds Fracture operator
* added "SetMesh" function to Script operator
* added "PhysX overlap" mode to the Property Test neighbor test
* retimer speed mode is now animatable in both tyFlow and tyCache objects
* added edge loop selection mode to tySelect modifier


* fixed an issue where the new noise algorithms would only produce 2D noise in the VDB Modify operator
* fixed an issue where tyFlow could crash when refreshing a sim containing compound colliders and PhysX Bind operators
* fixed an issue where point bind listbox buttons in the PhysX Shape operator weren't working
* fixed an issue where the tySelect modifier could crash when setting the select frame manually
* Particle Force now takes particle pivot changes into consideration
* fixed a Qt issue where the 'clear cache' and 'extract splines' buttons in the tySplines object would crash Max when pressed
* fixed an issue where the Export Particles operator seemed to default to spline mode even though geometry mode settings were visible
* fixed an issue where tySplines objects would rebuild their cache when a dependent tyFlow non-sim setting was changed (ex: display setting or Export Particles setting)
* fixed an issue where Object Bind lock-to-object mode wasn't working properly if verlet integration was enabled
* fixed an issue where custom vector channel dropdown menus weren't working properly
* fixed an issue where the Display Data operator was not properly displaying PhysX compound hulls
* fixed an issue where the "Treat post-step particles as new" setting in operator Timing rollouts wasn't working properly

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