tyFlow v1.013
tyFlow v1.013 is up!



* added 5 new Terrain Color presets
* added checkboxes for Terrain Scatter mapping overrides
* added cache settings to Terrain Mesh operator
* replaced the 'setup tyTerrainColor texmap' button in the Terrain Mesh operator with 'setup vertex color texmap' button...for a texmap solution that's compatible with more renderers
* added "extract mesh" button/function to Terrain Mesh operator, for converting mesh into new scene object
* added 'select new faces' option to tyFaceExtrude modifier
* added "outwards from custom vector" direction mode to Speed operator
* added "extractMesh()" function to tyMesher MXS interface
* added preliminary support for negatively scaled particle transforms (fixes issues with mirrored tyActor rigs, among other things)
* various cluster parameters can now take multiple channel names (separated by commas), allowing for more complex cluster logic (cluster by multiple matching conditions instead of just one)
* added ability to birth terrains from another flow in the Birth Terrain operator (copies terrains from one flow to another)
* added option in Terrain Copy Out operator to clear source terrain
* added "subtract" blending mode to Terrain Color operator
* rgb channel selector added to Terrain Color "channel color" mode
* added default path options to Export Particles tyCache [...] menu
* added "addNewListItem" MXS function to tyProperties modifier, for programmatically adding custom float listbox items
* added limits to Object to Terrain 'maximum' and 'set' operations, to prevent terrain from rising too far to reach input object
* added alignment options to Element Attach operator
* added break time condition to PhysX bind operator, for specifying how long a bind must violate its break conditions before it will actually break
* Mapping operator can now bake custom property values into particle meshes
* added "offset along spline" parameter to Birth Spline operator
* added MXS "reseed()" function to tyFlow objects, for reseeding all operators
* added "transform mesh UVWs" mode to Mapping operator
* added "random orientation" and "multi-tile input" options to Terrain Tile operator (copy mode)


* fixed an issue where some terrain color/mask names were not appear in other color/mask dropdown menus
* fixed an issue where loading a file saved in v1.012 into v1.0121 could cause noise scales to change
* fixed an issue where the Custom Properties operator couldn't modify simulation groups unless a prior Particle Groups operator was present in a flow
* tyPreview will now properly save/restore viewport ambient occlusion radius/intensity settings
* fixed a regression where tyMesher could crash when doing conversions on non-mesh geometry
* fixed an issue where animated colliders with negative start frames were not being initialized properly
* fixed blending issues in the Terrain Tile operator that could occur when grid Z-axis position offsets not identical
* removed "visualize grid" option from Birth Terrain, because it's not really that helpful
* fixed an issue where clearing terrains after a Terrain Copy Out operator could prevent it from properly copying terrains out during its next evaluation
* fixed an issue which could cause the Terrain Color operator to degrade in performance over time, in CPU mode
* fixed an issue preventing existing color channels from working properly as layers in the Terrain Color operator
* fixed an issue that could cause Max to crash when rendering terrain on a network
* fixed some Object to Terrain operator issues related to negative height values and terrain grid position offsets
* fixed an issue where clicking the node menu button in the tyParticleSkin modifier could crash Max
* fixed an issue where displaying PhysX hulls with the Display Data operator could cause other properties to display incorrectly
* fixed an issue where setting animated values on constrained spinners would desynchronize them
* fixed an issue where tyMeshers couldn't take tyCollections as input
* reorganized Mapping operator rollouts to be more intuitive
* fixed an issue that could cause a terrain flow to reset after first saving its file
* fixed an issue where tyPreview was not accepting network paths starting with backslashes
* fixed an issue preventing tyConform from raycasting along vertex normals properly
* fixed an issue where the (position) variation parameter in the Object Bind operator was not working properly

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