tyFlow v1.0151
tyFlow v1.0151 is up!



* tySplineMesher trails mode now supports per-segment material IDs for subsplines
* fixed an issue where a flow with actor IK could be set to 'static' (preventing updates) even if IK collider geometry animated
* Voronoi fracture particles will now inherit the parent of their source particle, rather than setting their source particle as their parent (because the source particle is deleted after the fracture occurs)
* fixed a regression where PhysX sticky penetrations weren't working after the PhysX 5 update
* fixed a rare issue that could occur in the Particle Physics operator, if groups are set and no particles match the specified groups (Max could freeze during computation depending on specified search radius)
* fixed an issue where actor FBX bone matching wouldn't necessarily return expected results if more than one skin was affected by a bone
* fixed an issue where motion inheritance wasn't working in the Position Object operator's 'closest point' mode
* fixed an issue where mesh velocity calculations weren't correct in the Position Object operator, if some frames in the simulation did not have new particles
May I please ask you to update "read/load, realfow particle system" Prt, Bin, ABC, RPC etc.

Thanks for your amazing plug-in which is amazing
Kibrit Creative Solutions
Cloud Render Farm
You don't like to stand still at all, do you? You did a great job!

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