Adding Gravity SpaceWarp to Force causes crash
Adding a Gravity SpaceWarp to the Force operator causes a crash. Other SpaceWarps work fine, as does tyFlow's built-in gravity.

One wrinkle - I discovered this after switching machines from a Win 10/Ryzen 3950x desktop to a Win 11/i7-12700H laptop. On the Ryzen desktop, this crash didn't happen, and it was when loading a file that worked normally on the Ryzen onto the i7 that I started getting crashes.

Max 2023.3, tyFlow 1.0151

Attached Files
.dmp   3dsmax_minidump.dmp (Size: 4.67 MB / Downloads: 57)
.max   gravityBug.max (Size: 492 KB / Downloads: 102)
Thanks, I believe this issue should be fixed in the next build.

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