tyFlow v1.018
tyFlow v1.018 is up!



* added variation spinner to Surface Test operator volume mode
* added "remove override" mode to Material ID operator
* added stiffness parameter to Cloth Bind "fix inverted tets" option
* added break limits to Particle Bind operator
* added "integrate particle velocity for test" option to Surface Test operator
* added "weld connected cloth meshes" option to Particle Bind operator (similar to "stitch 0-length binds" but does not interfere with collision solvers)
* added "birth particles at all times" mode to Birth Paint operator, for history-independent flow compatibility
* added "weld tets" option to Cloth Bind operator, for combining separate tet meshes into single, more optimal tet clusters
* added "scale overlap hulls" option to Element Attach operator
* added "degenerate edge" selector to tySelect modifier, for selecting edges that are attached to more than 2 faces


* fixed a crash that could occur when using convex PhysX hulls in some scenarios
* default Export Particles (ABC point cloud) velocity channel name changed to ".velocities" for improved VRayProxy compatibility
* fixed an issue where tyMesher result wouldn't update when changing certain settings
* fixed an issue where the Rotation operator's spline align mode would not use surface normals for the forward vector source
* fixed some issues related to spline painting
* fixed an issue that could cause the tyConform modifier to crash when in Volume/raycast mode
* re-added "duplicate selected" option to tySelect selection list
* fixed an issue that could cause Max to freeze when placing a tyVertexVelocity modifier on a tyCache
* fixed an issue that could generate motion blur artifacts when rendering tyCaches splines
* fixed some tyCache motion blur issues when rendering with VRay CPU
* fixed an issue where tyFlow in Max 2024 couldn't interface with PhoenixFD containers
* fixed an issue where refreshing a simulation using the CCCS on any frame other than the start frame of the sim could cause the resulting cloth to move unpredictably
* fixed some stability issues related to the Particle Break operator when used on cloth
* fixed an issue where the tyConform modifier was not conforming normals properly
* fixed an issue that could cause Max to crash when rendering animated terrain with VRay

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