tyFlow v1.019
tyFlow v1.019 is up!



* added "global mesh cache" option to tyFlow Cache rollout (see docs for more info)
* added 'any hit' occlusion option to tySelect 'occluded faces' mode
* added channel swapping options to Terrain Export normal map settings
* added simulation/export group filters to Property Collect operator
* Camera Cull operator now has a 'test TRUE' mode (for sending particles to another event, rather than simply hiding or deleting them), as well as test, timing and filter rollouts for that mode
* added slice edge selection option to tySlice modifier
* added axis lock parameters to Wobble operator


* fixed an issue where flipping artifacts could occur in the Rotation operator's lookat mode
* "RAM cache" renamed to "playback cache" throughout UI
* fixed an issue where the VDB Modifier operator could crash if the chosen input grid does not exist
* fixed an issue that could cause the Surface Test operator to crash in certain modes
* fixed a crash that could occur when loading legacy .vrmesh files into a Shape operator
* fixed an issue that could cause tyFlex to freeze when evaluated on top of a tySelect modifier
* fixed an issue where the Set Target operator was ignoring export group filters
* fixed an issue related to processing floating point values in terrain presets
* programData/tyFlow file permissions now more permissive - should avoid issues that could arise when trying to activate a license and not running Max as Administrator
* fixed an issue with face edge visibility flags not being set property by tyFlow's slice algorithm
* fixed an issue where the floating license server would sometimes truncate error messages
* if operator timing set to entry/continuous but secondary timing settings (ex: nth offset) set to non-default value, operator icon will get an orange outline rather than a blue outline, so it's easier to tell when those other settings have been changed
* added setting to control nth frame mode in Timing rollouts
* particles exported using the Export Particles Alembic mesh mode (node-per-particle) will be scaled to (near) zero when hidden
* Particle interface access (ex: Birth Flow/Flow Update) on a tyCache with GPU instancing disabled will now skip unnecessary particles-to-mesh building step
* fixed an issue that could cause the Actor Convert operator to crash

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