tyFlow v1.025
tyFlow v1.025 is up!



* added more clustering options to Property Transfer operator
* added UVW element ID matching to element ID matching mode of tyParticleSkin modifier
* added "by distance to object" mode to Terrain Resample operator, for resampling terrain based on its distance to a specified object (ex: camera) in the scene
* added Alembic mesh export option to preserve full UVW values in secondary map channels (previously only UV coordinates would be exported - excluding W)
* added clustering options to Rotation operator neighbor align mode


* fixed a regression where the tyFaceFracture modifier wasn't working when face fracture count was not equal to 1
* fixed a regression where Max could crash if no license data was present on the machine (introduced in 1.024)
* fixed a regression where the Position Object "separation" condition wouldn't work if "delete if position invalid" was enabled
* tyFlow's implementation of the Viewport Volume API no longer has weird quirks related to rotation of the tyFlow node itself
* fixed an issue where flipping face vertex order in the Export Particles Alembic exporter would mess up explicit normals
* fixed an issue where tyMesher subframe blobmesh interpolation wouldn't work correctly if the tyMesher node was rotated, as well as other subframe interpolation issues
* Script operators with compilation errors will auto-recompile when the sim is refreshed
* Custom Properties operator can now be used to modify particle/event age
* fixed some issues which could cause the Edge Fracture operator to output invalid meshes
* fixed a regression where Export Particles alembic export (node per particle mode) wasn't exporting animated meshes properly
* fixed an issue where the Terrain Tile operator could crash on large grids when "enable color shift blending" enabled
* fixed an issue where the "extract mesh" option of the Terrain Mesh operator would create rotated meshes if the wrong viewport was selected at time of extraction
* fixed an issue that could cause simulation indeterminism when transferring particles between events
* VDB Display data caching will not occur if the playback cache for the flow is disabled
* improved some instabilities related to how PhysX sticky penetrations work
* fixed an issue where the tySplines objects referenced by disabled Spline Paths operators were forcing flows to evaluate
* fixed a race condition in the Rotation operator's neighbor align mode

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