The 'mesh' operator switch option

Regarding the issue of operator switches
I have a requirement that during the final rendering, different events usually need to be rendered separately. Therefore, at this time, you can only manually click one by one to open or close the "mesh" operator. It is very cumbersome and cumbersome. Even if the operator is associated, it cannot be uniformly closed or opened, especially when there are many events!
I wonder if it is possible to add an "on/off" switch option in the mesh operator attribute to uniformly close or open the associated "mesh" operators. This can save you the need to click to close or open one by one
I’m not sure I understand the issue…
(09-24-2023, 11:07 PM)tyFlow Wrote: I’m not sure I understand the issue…

In more complex scenarios, Usually, there are dozens of events. However, when rendering the output, I need to render different events separately. At this time, I need to manually click to turn off this "Mesh" operator one by one (so that this event cannot be rendered). If there is an "ON/OFF" attribute in the "Mesh" operator attribute, the mesh operator can be turned off or on. Then, I can omit the repeated operation of clicking to turn off each operator

To invalidate an operator in tyflow, you can only click on the leftmost "icon" to make the operator ineffective. However, this efficiency is very low. If you add the "ON/OFF" attribute option in the operator's attribute panel, you can perform unified operations on the associated operators, so that the interrelated operators are uniformly closed. This efficiency is not higher than a single click on the left side of the operator!

For example, in the figure:
The events marked in red and yellow require different sequences to be output separately for later synthesis
At present, only one click on the "Mesh" icon on the far left can prevent this event from being rendered. This is very troublesome. At this time, the "Mesh" operator property can uniformly turn off the associated operators, which will be very convenient
Of course, this is only a practical application in rendering, such as "Force", "slow", "speed" These operators can be uniformly turned off or on
I see...actually I think you've revealed a bug, because there's already options to do that, but for some reason it's only showing for the Display operator (right-click on a Display operator and you'll see options to enable/disable all of them at once, or just instances, etc). I'll look into it...
Okay, I see this option. Thank you

I have tested the option you mentioned and there is a problem. In many events, the associated operators may not only be "Mesh" operators, but also "Force" and "Display" operators. If you use the option you mentioned at this time, it will turn off all operators of the same type or all associated operators. However, I only want to turn off the operators associated with the "Mesh" operator
I would like to ask if it is possible to add the "ON/OFF" option in the property panel?
I was just thinking, adding 'ON/OFF' to some necessary operator attributes would be better for the operator. There would also be no logical conflicts
Quote:I see...actually I think you've revealed a bug

Actually, I stand corrected. It's not a bug...the menu options only appear when multiple operators of the same type exist. So if you have multiple Mesh operators in your flow, you can right click on them and get options to enable/disable them all at once, or just instances of the one you clicked.
Take a look at this video demonstration. I think there are some issues at the moment
Looks like a bug...thanks for letting me know.

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