TyCache export to..
As it could be interesting, can we imagine a way to export a TyCache to another format, without the need to recompute from the original tyFlow ?
As it, we can see it work in TyCache, and it's speed enough etc. AND we can export to Alembic, object or others ?

I think you can already do it.
Just turn of GPU instancing in TyCache, and export as Alembic.
(sometimes, apart from turning GPU instancing off, you need to apply edit poly or mesh modifier to TyCache to work)

Long story short:
If you turn off GPU Instancing and add edit poly/mesh modifiers, all 3DS Max see is just a regular mesh.
For example, if it doesn't change topology, you can even point cache it, or do whatever you want, like with all other mesh objects.
Mmm interesting !
So if 3Dsmax consider the Ty cache as single mesh (with the edit poly modifier on) like that, can we export with a datasmith?
I'll try, but in my animation there is particles generation.. and disparition.
And as you accuratly tell "if it doesn't change the topology" i presume it's a bad day for that thought...

I really don't understand why the alembic loading in unreal is SOOOOO bad..

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