terrain liquid doesn't cache
Me again, sorry.

I was looking at the pit (liquid) terrain preset & discovered that even though the blue lines indicate the frames are cached, as soon as i go back on the timeline it starts recaching again.

Infact it re-evaluates the whole flow every time you move the timeline not forwards.

Maybe i've unticked something essential whilst on the bughunt?
Nope, that's correct behavior...animated terrains can't be cached. This is just due to the huge amount of memory that would be required to cache multiple frames of terrain to RAM like that (a simple 4k terrain requires something like 500mb per frame of RAM to properly store height/color data).

If you have a history-independent setup (fluid wouldn't qualify, but something like animated noise would), then you can simply set your flow to history-independent mode and caching will no longer be necessary.
Ah alright my bad.

thanks for the explaination.

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