tyConform Preserve boundaries
Hey Tyson!

I think I've found a bug in the Relax settings of the tyConform modifier. If I enable relaxation, it does exactly what I would expect, however if I toggle 'Preserve boundaries' I assumed the border of the geometry I'm conforming would stay 'unrelaxed' but the results seem unusual.

Example, make a Cylinder & Plane primitive, apply tyConform to the Plane, pick the cylinder - plane wraps as expected. Toggle relaxation, points relax. Toggle preserve boundaries and only the very corners of the plane ping back, the rest of the open edges seem to relax even further. 

If there's something I'm doing wrong, or this is working as intended, let me know!


Based on your description, it appears that when you enable 'Preserve boundaries', only the corners of the plane ping back while the rest of the open edges seem to relax even further. This behavior may not align with your expectation that the border of the geometry you're conforming should stay 'unrelaxed'. Drift Boss
Hey AJ,

Yea that doesn't seem like a bug...thanks for the report, I'll look into it.

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