Working with deadline
I've got a slight problem when rendering scenes with TYflow in them on (thinkbox) Deadline. Essentially the job fails on the deadline queue if tyflow is used. One thing I've noticed is that a couple of the render nodes do complete the frames and they are running deadline not as a service and so under a different user to the other machines on the farm.

So my question is, when running 3DS max as a service under another user, could it be that user can't see/access the tyflow plugin? Would seem odd but essentially this is what is happening.

I'm not sure if its because its a different user or because its running as a service, but if deadline runs it under user A as a service, it fails but if it runs it as user B not as a service its fine.

I'll also post on the deadline forum but I thought I would check here too.
Make sure you're using the very latest version of tyFlow. There was a regression a few builds ago where a render slave would crash if the license cfg folder didn't exist on the machine. It has since been fixed in the latest build, but if you're a few builds behind, you might be running into that bug.

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