Could we include the Progressive Skylight button, and Bloom in the tyPreview?

I usually want progressive iterations only for shadows but I don't want the skylight.
And even if I set my own custom viewport configuration " get appearance from active viewport" won't get it right...
It displays Realistic when it is not... I can force it to Default Shading, but then sometimes I loose the Bloom...

Is a bit hard to control if I use this custom settings.

Thank you!

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Seems the setting inside TyPreview "prog.Refinement" overrides to "realistic mode" type of viewport. hence it messes whatever I set up on my preferences.
I don't want realistic, I just want the progressive refinement for the shadows, i don't need the progressive lighting effect.
tyPreview doesn't currently support those more advanced viewport features. Perhaps at some point in the future...

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