tyFlow v1.104
tyFlow v1.104 is up!



* added options to Terrain Mesh operator for capping bottom of mesh
* the bounds ratio tySelect mode now has options to choose whether or not the bounds ratio will be measured for individual faces, or mesh elements
* added minimum segment length parameter to Multifracture paint fracture parameters, for reducing density of paint stroke segments
* operator filters and Property Test operator now have "inside/outside range" test conditions
* added bounds ratio test to Property Test operator
* added bounds ratio test to operator filters


* fixed an issue where tyPush element spread variation was not deterministic
* fixed an issue with PhysX Bind connection display
* fixed an issue that could cause the PhysX Bind operator to reset PhysX Shape sticky penetration status on unchanged particles
* fixed an issue where the sticky/ignored state of PhysX Shape contacts would not work correctly when one or more of the rigidbodies was kinematic
* improved stability of sticky penetrations on bound particles
* fixed an issue where mesh selections wouldn't be properly maintained after application of a tyMultifracture modifier
* fixed an issue where the "not overlapping" simulation/export groups mode was greying out the group buttons
I can't see 1.104 version at https://docs.tyflow.com/download/
Yea sorry, had to temporarily take it offline due to a stability issue that was discovered. Hopefully it'll be back soon.
v1.104 is back up now.

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