tyFlow v1.105
tyFlow v1.105 is up!



* added Pathfinding operator
* added "pathfinding mesh" mode to tyMesher
* updated PhysX SDK to PhysX 5.3.1 (you will need to download and install the updated CUDA DLLs on the tyFlow download page to utilize PhysX 5.3.1 CUDA acceleration)
* added "select fracture faces" option to Multifracture fracture output rollout
* added normals filter to tyMesher input geometry settings
* added degenerate element filters to tyMesher input geometry settings
* added "interior/exterior fractures" Multifracture output test (false) conditions, for outputting only interior/exterior fractures from a Multifracture operator (when shell enabled for fracture meshes)
* added "line to custom vector" mode to Display Data operator
* added "preserve shape" option to tyRelax modifier, for snapping relaxed vertices back onto original surface, allowing you to relax the topology of a mesh without drastically changing its shape
* added "preserve edges" option to tyRelax modifier, for preserving vertices on sharp edges
* added "force unique event names" option to editor right-click menu ("Misc" submenu), which forces all events in a flow to have unique (non-duplicate) names
* added option in tyCache material override rollout to override material library file loaded by cache
* added stroke mesh offset settings to tyMultifracture paint parameters
* added clustering option to tyParticleSkin modifier, so only particles with non-zero float channel values will be used for skinning
* added "Use this flow's particles" to Multifracture fracture points rollout
* added "allow invalid assignments" option to Set Target operator
* added legacy accuracy option to PhysX Bind proximity mode


* improved voronoi cell explicit normal preservation in Multifracture voronoi mode
* fixed an issue where Multifracture (bounds fracture) slice mesh normals could be inverted
* tyMesher modes renamed to "blob mesh" "combined mesh" and "tet mesh" (previously "blobmesh", "input geometry" and "tets")
* fixed an issue where a disabled texture in the Position Object operator could still reset the sim when modified
* fixed an issue where the tyVertexVelocity modifier would show its vectors in the view even if disabled
* tyCache exported mtl libraries will no longer store NULL materials (fixes issue that prevented tyCache mtl libraries from being modified because Max could re-order the NULL materials, breaking the index data stored in the cache)
* improved performance of Instance Material operator
* fixed an issue that could cause the tyMeshRepair modifier to freeze
* fixed an issue where the implicit ground collide of the Collision operator would not respect particle sleep thresholds
* fixed an issue where edge/hull fracture modes of the Multifracture modules were not respecting the relative count threshold values of the fracture input parameters
* fixed a regression that could affect how the PhysX Bind operator binds rotated particles
Hi Tyson,


I can't see any option for Pathfinding mesh in TyMesher though?

Hey Steve - it's my fault, I forgot to make the new pathfinding mesh option visible in the Release builds. Re-download v1.105 and you'll see it appear.
(02-29-2024, 02:17 PM)tyFlow Wrote: Hey Steve - it's my fault, I forgot to make the new pathfinding mesh option visible in the Release builds. Re-download v1.105 and you'll see it appear.

Hey Tyson,

thanks - got it now
I just paid the subscription and trying to install the latest version. However I don't know how to do that. All I get is this:

You could try to restart your machine and then copy the file again. Or try deleting the old file first and copying the new one over after the old one is gone.

I did the restarting part before posting, but didn't have the courage to delete file, because I was afraid ending up having no tyFlow at all.
Still no luck installing the update. So I asked AI for some instructions. These are mostly nonsense, however it suggested to use third party installer to copy the necessary files. I wonder what installers was referred.

So are there any ideas on how to install tyFlow to my workstation? What information You need from me to get this through?
Looks like an issue with your machine/OS installation/HD, rather than something I can help you with. You'll have to google the error code to see if any suggestions pop up, as it's not a tyFlow error but an OS error. You can also try re-downloading the tyFlow installation zip file to ensure it wasn't corrupted during download somehow.
Is it OS or is it HP deepguard, that is preventing me to copy any files to OS partition?

AI suggested me to use third party installers to solve this. What are those?

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