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Our great omnipotent Tyson lbele, mortal prays for you here!
   I have lived up to your expectations!
   I don't know how to use "tyflow_script".  
   I hope to give us a node for various function calculations. There are also nodes that read object information. A node that can also customize the properties of a particle.
We don't want to bother you with big things and small things, afraid to bring you troubles. If we can customize the position properties, size, rotation, vector speed, etc. of the particle, we don't have to report it to you for these trivial things.

I am humbly saluting you here. I hope my wish can get your approval! wish you a happy life!


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An example of how to use a script operator for texmap/surface sampling has been posted here:

As for gradient trace in pflow, the Surface Force of tyFlow already includes that ability in the Texture section.

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