Edge Runner operator

Can you please make an operator where you can select an object and the the particles run along the edges with a specified velocity? By default the particles run infinitely and allways find a way forward, creating a nice track.
For crossings some controls are needed as percent chances, how to behave.
E.g. 50% move straight forward, 25% turn left, 25% turn right, 0% move backwards

For the case that the edge ends up in a vertex with no further edges connected and "move backwards" is set to 0%, you have the option to delete or send out the particle as soon as it reaches that point.

Also on option to delete or re-accelerate stuck particles.

Edges visibility need to be considered.

Thank you and greetings.
I'm pretty sure someone on the Facebook group posted a script that does exactly this...have you checked that out?
Thanks for the hint! I need to have a look there, digging. Anyway it would be a nice addition when having it as a ready-to-use operator.

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